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About Us

Celebrating the social, economic, and environmental tenets of "Made in USA," brothers Matthew, Adam, and Peter Lafferty have created a luxury lifestyle brand for men. In homage to their grandfather, an American craftsman, Libero Ferrero represents a genuine authenticity that cannot be mass-produced. Custom Horween leather, custom Holland & Sherry fabrics, domestic construction and heirloom-quality materials give the signature collection a clean, simple and masculine profile.

A collective appreciation for timeless style and construction unites the vision of the Lafferty brothers. Leveraging backgrounds in architecture, art direction and design, form and function represent equal parts inspiration. Together with lead designer Julia Salamon, the team collaborates on truly thoughtful pieces of art.

Libero is an Italian word for Liberation. Liberty. Freedom. The first of his immigrant family born in the USA, the Libero Ferrero namesake pays reverence to the creativity, ingenuity and dedication of our forefathers. Uniting old world craftsmanship with modern design, Libero Ferrero celebrates our nation's live the American Dream.